Astronomical & Geographical Facts

The Neptune

The Neptune is the fourth largest planet in solar system and eighth planet from the Sun. The Neptune is third most massive and densest giant planet. It is the farthest from the Sun in solar system. The Neptune is not visible by unaided eyes. The Neptune is the only planet in solar system which was … Continue reading The Neptune

The Uranus

The Uranus is the third largest planet in solar system and seventh planet from the Sun. The Uranus is the ice giant which has no solid surface. It has coldest atmosphere in solar system. It has unique axis of rotation which is tilted by sideways. Properties of Uranus The Uranus was discovered by William Herschel … Continue reading The Uranus

The Jupiter

The Jupiter is largest gas giant. In our solar system, Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun which is biggest planet to all others planets. The Jupiter is too big to fit 1300 earths in it. It composes the mass about one thousand mass of the sun and about two and half mass of … Continue reading The Jupiter