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   We talk about the second nearest planet from the Sun in our Solar System. It is second brightest object seen by naked eye on earth.
The Venus is called Earth’s “Sister planet” due to similarity in mass, size and composition. The venus name is given as per the Roman goddess of beauty and love. It is the only single planet in solar system named after a female deity.
   It’s atmosphere consists of more than 96.5% Carbon dioxide and 3.5% nitrogen with traces of other gases with majority of sulpher dioxide. The Venus is covered by reflective clouds of sulfuric acid so it’s surface is not visible from space.
   The atmospheric pressure on its surface is too high about 92 times more than Earth’s surface which is equivalent to pressure at 900m underwater on earth.
   It receives sun light in 6 minutes and surface temperature is  735K or 462 degree celsius. It’s temp is 62 degree higher than mercury even it far from sun than mercury.
   It’s surface is covered by Sulfuric Acid and water vapor clouds. In past, there was water oceans on its surface and would be vaporized as continues rising in temperature.
   It has mountains, valleys and Volcanoes. About 2/3 of its surface is covered by thousands of volcanoes. Some of them are still active now and are 0.5 to 150 miles wide. The highest mountain on venus is Maxwell montes about 8.8 kilometer which is similar to height of the  mount Everest on the Earth.
  In ancient times, it was known as the morning star and the evening star as it appear at sunset and sunrise. It reflect about 70% of all sun light that it receive so it looks shiny.
  It takes 225 earth days to complete one round the Sun. One day on Venus is equal to 243 days on earth. It’s rotation is in opposite direction than other planets in solar system from East to West. There is no any natural satellite to venus.

Distance from Sun     : 108.2 million km
Orbital Period         : 225 days
Length of day          : 116d 8h 0m
Radius               : 6.051.8 km


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Authored by BK Suthar.
This site is about various topics of astronomical and geographical things which present in universe and also surrounding us. It will give you information about various planets, incidents occurs in universe and also about nature.

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