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What is the Solar System?

Lets we talk about the solar system. Our earth and other planets are the part of solar system. As per evidence the solar system was formed before 4.6 billion years. Our solar system is the small part of Milkyway galaxy. 

First, Lets we see about milky way galaxy.

What is Milkyway Galaxy?

Understanding of structure of milkyway is difficult to long time.Our solar system is the part of milkyway galaxy. Galaxy is a large group of stars, gases and dust.  They are different in size and shape. Due to milky band of light shape, our galaxy is known as milkyway galaxy.

Unlike the regular spiral, milkyway is barred spiral with two major arms with two small spur. The milky way galaxy consists group of about 100 billion stars. Location of the solar system is about 2500 light years away from the center of galaxy and in the Orion Arm of galaxy. The arms are moving in space. The sun and other planets move around the center of galaxy. This galaxy is not steady but rotating continuously. One complete revolution of solar system through center of galaxy takes 250million years. The shape of galaxy is barred spiral and 100000 light years across.

Center of galaxy is called galactic bulge. Gas and dust are so thicker in bulge so we can see only small percent of stars.

What is Solar System?

Our solar system belongs to the star as the Sun, Planets as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The satellite of planets and comets and asteroids.

The solar system is the gravitational bounding system of the Sun and other objects. All the objects are directly or indirectly bounded to each other. All eight planets and all other solar bodies are directly bounded and the moons are indirectly bounded as they are with planets.

The Solar System was formed by colllapsion of giant interstellar molecular cloud about 4.6 million years ago. Main object of the solar system is the sun which is in center of solar system. The Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are terrestrial planets which are made of rock and metal and have solid surface and have oxidized compounds like carbon dioxide in atmosphere. Only Earth has a strong magnetic field among all other planets in solar system. The Saturn and the Jupitor are gas planet made of hydrogen and helium which do not have solid surface. Two outer most planets Uranus and Neptune are  very cold and full of ice. All eight planets  moves in almost circular orbits that lie within a nearly flat disc called the ecliptic.

The asteroid belt which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter which mainly contains rocks and metals. There is the Kuiper belt beyond the Neptune’s orbit which made of mostly ice.

Solar System Characteristics

  • No of Planets : 08
  • No of dwarf planet : 05
  • No of moon : 181
  • No of asteroids : 5,52,894
  • No of comets : 3083
  • Diameter : 18.75 trillion kms

Lets See the characteristics of each planet.

Mercury :

  • Dia : 4879.4 kms
  • Distance from Sun : 57.91 million kms
  • Density : 5.43 g/cm3

Venus :

  • Dia : 12104 kms
  • Distance from Sun : 108.2 million kms
  • Density : 5.24, g/cm3

Earth :

  • Dia : 12742 kms
  • Distance from Sun :149.6 million kms
  • Density : 5.51 g/cm3

Mars :

  • Dia : 6779 kms
  • Distance from Sun : 227.9 million kms
  • Density : 3.93 g/cm3

Jupiter :

  • Dia : 139820kms
  • Distance from Sun : 778.5 million kms
  • Density : 1.33 g/cm3


  • Dia : 116460kms
  • Distance from Sun : 1.434 billion kms
  • Density : 0.687 g/cm3

Uranus :

  • Dia :50724kms
  • Distance from Sun :2.871 billion kms
  • Density : 1.27 g/cm3

Neptune :

  • Dia : 49244kms
  • Distance from Sun : 4.495 billion kms
  • Density :1.6 g/cm3

Have a great day !!!

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Authored by BK Suthar.
This site is about various topics of astronomical and geographical things which present in universe and also surrounding us. It will give you information about various planets, incidents occurs in universe and also about nature.

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