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Scary facts about the space

When we see the sky full of stars at night it looks peaceful and beautiful. But actually our universe is not so quiet place. Many unpleasant incidents are going on in the universe which is beyond the thinking limit of human. Let’s see some scary facts of the space happenings which are going in Universe.

Asteroids and Comets

On 9 January, 2017 we were busy in our routine work at that time one asteroid was very close to the earth which passed between earth and moon. 2017 AG 13 named asteroid was 25-30m long. In 2013, one asteroid was broken over Russia and due to that thousands of people was injured.

Till 2017, about 857 asteroids and comets are found which is nearest to the earth whose length is more than one kilometer. These asteroids are capable to destroy the whole life on earth. As per evidence thousand years ago one asteroid collided to the earth and destroyed the whole dinosaurs on the earth. Which was done before thousand years, may be possible today. So NASA’s project is always keep sight on such asteroids which destroy the whole earth. But many small asteroids are present which are capable to remove any city from the earth and which is difficult to keep under observation. We are very thankful to Jupiter which saves us from striking asteroid to the earth. Gravitational force of Jupiter is too much which change the direction of asteroids coming to earth and save us.

Rogue Planet

Just imagine if any other planet collide to earth what happen!!!

As we know all planets are orbits to it’s star in definite path, but some planets are exist in universe which doesn’t follow this rule move random which are called Rogue Planet.

These are the planets which are made itself or ejected from it’s galaxy. These are known as Brown Dwarf. According to scientists, quantity of the rogue planets is equal to number of stars present in universe. WISE 0855-0714 is the nearest rogue planet to the earth which 7 light years away from the earth. In nearest future there are no possibilities to collide any planet to earth. According to giant impact theory about 4.5 billion years ago, one planet called Thia collided to the earth. This planet orbits in parallel path to the earth, but due to gravitational force of Jupiter it was moved from its path and collided to earth. Thia planet was totally destroyed in this collision and remaining mass became moon of the earth as proved by evidence got from moon.

Hyper velocity Stars

Ordinary planets speed is about 100km/sec but hyper velocity star’s speed is 10 times more than ordinary stars. Hyper velocity star is born by binary star system.

In binary star system two stars rotates around same center of gravity. As per first formula if these two stars reach near to black hole, one of the stars of binary system enter in black hole and other star thrown away with tremendous velocity. As per second formula, if there be supernova blast in one star than other thrown away by this blast and become hyper velocity star. 

Rogue Black Hole

Black hole is the area in universe at where gravitational force is too high so if any object enter in it, no possibilities to return even light also. Black hole is present in center of each galaxy. XJ1417+52 is the black hole found in universe recently which is not in any galaxy but it is Rogue black hole. This type of black hole is developed when two galaxies are colliding to each other or merge to each other.

On the left, an optical image from the Digitized Sky Survey shows Cygnus X-1, outlined in a red box. Cygnus X-1 is located near large active regions of star formation in the Milky Way, as seen in this image that spans some 700 light years across. An artist’s illustration on the right depicts what astronomers think is happening within the Cygnus X-1 system. Cygnus X-1 is a so-called stellar-mass black hole, a class of black holes that comes from the collapse of a massive star. New studies with data from Chandra and several other telescopes have determined the black hole’s spin, mass, and distance with unprecedented accuracy.

Collision of Galaxies

About 4.5billion years after our milkyway galaxy will collide to Andromeda galaxy. After collision two galaxies will be merged into each other and also two black holes of it will also merge and make huge black hole. After this collision our solar system will move outer side the galaxy. But human will not be alive at that time because the temperature on earth will be too high to live and the sun will be on its last stage. NGC 2207 and IC 2163 are two galaxies will be collided in nearest future and it will take thousands of years to merge in each other.

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Authored by BK Suthar.
This site is about various topics of astronomical and geographical things which present in universe and also surrounding us. It will give you information about various planets, incidents occurs in universe and also about nature.

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