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The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Many oceans are on the earth. They are the main source of water on the earth. Different Ocean belongs to different mystery which is out of knowledge limit of human life. We are talking about the area of the Atlantic Ocean near North America. It is that area over where if plane or ship pass, will disappear and never come back which is known as “Bermuda Triangle”.

What is Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda triangle is located in North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda Triangle is imaginary triangle formed by connecting Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami. It is spread in about 5 lac square km area.  It is also famous as “Devil’s Triangle.” Bermuda Triangle is located at south-east Florida in Atlantic Ocean. About more than 1000 were dead and average 4 aircraft and 20 ships are missing in this triangle. First time people know about it in 1872 when the Mary Celeste ship was lost in Atlantic Ocean. The second incident was noted with Flight 19. On Dec 5, 1945 TBM Avenger torpedo bombers were disappeared within 90 minutes of take off in this area. Radio operator was got signal from aircraft that the compass was malfunctioning and they were going in wrong direction. After sometime connection was broken and not found then.

Major Accidents occurred in Bermuda Triangle

  • The USS Cyclops ship disappeared in 1918.
  • The SS Marine sulphur queen tanker ship carrying molten sulphur was disappeared in 1963 in south coast of Florida.
  • NC 16002 a DC 3 passenger plane was disappeared at night of Dec 28, 1948.
  • Flight 19 was disappeared on Dec 5, 1945.

Rumors about Bermuda Triangle

In starting people believed that the ships which lost was robbed by pirates. But it was concluded wrong. As per second belief, it is the research center of people from outside the earth (Alien) and they don’t like any one come in this area. But it was also not true.

What is real reason?

It was very difficult for scientist to find any reason why all lost in this area because if any was gone to there it had to suffer by ocean storm and disappeared. As per one Australian scientist’s research, it is due to its geographical situation, magnetic anomaly and bad weather. Images taken by satellite shows the clouds over this area are in hexagonal shaped. Below the clouds wind speed is about 270km/hrs it is known as air bump. If anything comes near to this bump, it attracted inside and push inside the ocean.

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Authored by BK Suthar.
This site is about various topics of astronomical and geographical things which present in universe and also surrounding us. It will give you information about various planets, incidents occurs in universe and also about nature.

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