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How does solar eclipse occur ?

The solar eclipse is astronomical incident that occurs in the universe. The solar eclipse is occurred when portion of the earth covered by shadow casted by moon which block the sunlight by partially or total. The solar eclipse only occurs when the sun, moon and earth are perfectly aligned and moon is closest to the elliptical plane and this is done on new moon.

The solar eclipse occurs only on new moon. But why not done on every new moon?? Because of moon’s orbit is tilted by 5 degree than earth’s orbit around the sun, so it’s shadow misses usually the earth. Usually 2-3 solar eclipses are occurred in a year. There are two types of moon’s shadows are generated during solar eclipse. Central portion is Umbra which is dark and outer is Penumbra which is dim. Depending upon this shadows passes over the area, solar eclipse is configure.

Types of Solar Eclipse:

There are four types of solar Eclipse

  • Total Solar Eclipse
  • Annular Solar Eclipse
  • Partial Solar Eclipse
  • Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse:

Total solar eclipse occurs when moon blocks the entire the sun and casts umbral shadow on the earth. The umbral shadow makes imaginary line on earth where it moves which is called Path of Totality. Total solar eclipse is shown under area on the earth which is covered by umbral shadow.

Annular Solar Eclipse:

Annular solar eclipse occurs when Sun, moon and earth are exactly aligned but visible size of moon is smaller than the sun, so sun is not completely blocked, but ring is shown around the moon which create “Ring of Fire”.

Partial Solar Eclipse:

Partial solar eclipse occurs when sun, noon and earth are not aligned. The moon covers the sun partially and the moon projects its penumbral shadow on earth. Partial solar eclipse is generally not noticeable in terms of sun’s brightness and visible only seen through dark filter.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse:

Hybrid solar eclipse is also known as total-annular solar eclipse. This solar eclipse occurs when annular solar eclipse converts in total solar eclipse or vice-versa. When we see annular solar eclipse from one place of the earth at the same time it is seen total eclipse from other location. This is occurred in very rare occasion.

Does solar eclipse affect the eyes????

If you star at sun during solar eclipse by naked eye, it will damage retina of eye expect during total solar eclipse but only when sun is total obstructed by moon. To see by naked eyes during solar eclipse use “Solar viewing glasses” or “Eclipse glasses” approved by NASA.

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Authored by BK Suthar.
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