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How to start free blog and earn money

Making a blog is the best way to express your ideas, to share your knowledge to people and to earn money. Many people around the world are earning money through blogging with boss free job.

Herewith in this article I will show you how make free blog in (Google’s free blog platform) to share your ideas, knowledge to the world with decent amount. If you are new for blogging than must follow this article and start a free blog!!!!! is free site of google to make free blog with subdomain or you can also buy domain to make your beautiful website.

Before starting any blog, first decide the name of blog and niche (topic) for blog. Select niche in which you are interested and have knowledge.

Let’s begin how to make a blog !!

Step: 1

To make a new blog in, you must have Gmail account in google. So the first step is to make Gmail account. You can generate Gmail account by simple steps in

Step: 2

Login into and you will see beautiful page as below image. Now press CREATE YOUR BLOG” on this page. You will be redirected on sign-in page. Then “Sign in” through Gmail ID.

Step: 3

Now, You will be on the page like below image.

Now, Fill up the details as below instruction.

Title : Enter name which will show as blog title

Address : Select any name for your blog address which will be the name of your website. Please select some solid name which be unique because it will be your impression.

Theme : Select any theme which can you change any time later.

After filling all above information press “Create Blog”.

Now blog site is ready to use but for better visibility and more optimizing on search engine, we have to do some basic setting.

Important setting for optimizing the blog !

# Go to left side of page and press ” Setting “ tab as shown below image.

# Now press on “Basic” tab and you will see the page as above image.

Edit in “Description” tab which shows to users and search engine that what about your blog. It will show the details of your blog.

# Now press “Search preference” and you will get the screen like below image.

Meta tag : Write specific words about your blog summary which attracts the viewers towards the blog. This will be shown with your site in search engine.

Custom page not found : Here you can add some text or HTML message which shows to visitors when your site does not exist and visited on site by users.

Custom Redirects : If your site is deleted and want to redirect your user to other page than add any link in this tag.

# Press on “Theme “ tab on left side of screen you will be appeared on page below.

Press on “Customize” tab and select any of free templates given and apply. If you want to set other theme than download from google and apply to it.

# Press on “Layout” tab on left side of screen you will be appeared on page below.

In Layout you can see the position of blog structure which will be shown page. In layout you can add various blogger gadgets on blog page. You can add/delet various gadgets on blog post.

By all basic set up you can generate professional and classic blog on Now your blog site is ready for creating post.

Create Post

# Press on ” Posts” tab on left side of screen as shown in above image than  press on ” New post “ tab and you will enter in post page as shown in below image.

Now Enter post title about which you want to write the blog. Then in editor page you can write details about the blog. In this page you can write texts, add images and add hyperlinks regarding the post if needed.

After completing the post, press “Publish” tab on right side to publish the post.

Monetizing the blog with Google AdSense

To earn money through blog it is necessary to monetize your blog with Google AdSense. You can also earn money by selling products, affiliate marketing etc.

Before applying for Google AdSense, it is necessary good number of post and viewers on your blog.

To apply for Google AdSense go to  blog dashboard and press on “Earning” tab and apply for approval of Google AdSense.

I hope you can start your free blog  in by learning from this article.

Have a great day!

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Authored by BK Suthar.
This site is about various topics of astronomical and geographical things which present in universe and also surrounding us. It will give you information about various planets, incidents occurs in universe and also about nature.

Have a good day !!

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