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Barred Spiral Galaxy

A barred spiral galaxy is type of spiral galaxy which has central bar structure having lots of stars. Milkyway galaxy is one of the examples of barred spiral galaxy. About two third of the spiral galaxies have bar shaped structure. The bars are formed due to density wave radiating from the centre of the galaxy which reshapes the orbits of inner stars. Ongoing with the time, the bars structure expire and barred spiral galaxies are transformed into regular spiral galaxy. Recent study of the bars shows that bar is the sign of full maturity of the galaxy.


As per Edwin hubble classification, the barred spiral galaxy is classified as SBa, SBb and SBc.

SBa galaxy has very bright large nuclear bulges and tightly smooth bound arms emerges from the end of the bar.

SBb galaxy has smooth bar with smooth and continues arms. In some galaxy, arms start at the end of the bar with dust lanes while in other the arms are tangent to the ring external to the bar.

SBc galaxy has very wide and loose arms. Arms are open and start from end the end of the bar or tangent to the ring.

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Authored by BK Suthar.
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