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What is the Elliptical Galaxy?

Elliptical galaxy is the one of the type of galaxy classification suggested by Edwin Hubble known as “Hubble sequence” or “Hubble tuning Fork”. The elliptical galaxy has no any spiral arms like Spiral galaxy but it looks as rounded shape of an ellipse or stretched out circle. Most famous elliptical galaxy is Cygnus A which is located 600 million light years from the Earth.

Formation & Structure

The elliptical galaxies contain less gas and older stars which shows that they are nearer to the end of its life. Merging of smaller galaxies due to gravitational attraction plays main role in formation of elliptical galaxies. Milky way also in the way to collide with Andromeda galaxy in next few billion light years. When two spiral galaxies collide they lost their original shape and transform into less structured elliptical galaxy.

The Elliptical galaxies range in size of ten of million to hundred of trillion stars. Most of the elliptical galaxies have older and low mass stars with very less star formation activity. The smallest elliptical galaxy is about one- tenth the size of the Milkyway galaxy. The giant elliptical galaxies are 1013 times brighter than the Sun and having 1013 solar masses of the stars.

The stars orbit in the centre of the elliptical galaxy but not in definite direction as spiral galaxy. So, the elliptical galaxies do not rotate in systematic direction. Supper massive black hole is present in the centre of the elliptical galaxy which consume most of gas and dust and it is the reason thought to be slower the growth of elliptical galaxy.

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Authored by BK Suthar.
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